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Looking for tips and informations about work permits in USA? Depending on the job type, Global Transit may help you to get a US visa. We are a well-known Canadian-based consulting service for workers, entrepreneurs and corporations moving employees into the United States. USA Visas that we specialize in : Green Card, E2 Visa, EB-5 Visa, B1 Visa, H1B Visa, H2B Visa, TN Visa, L1 Visa, E2 Visa, O1 Visa, P1 Visa, EB Visa, Waiver Visa. Also, residency for spouses and/or fiance and children (under 21 years old). We offer full cross-border processing service.


Our current 14 hottest jobs (sectors) : Consultant - Manager - Technician - Technologist - Analyst - Developer - Programmer - Scientist - Mechanical - Advisor - Planner - Director - Medical Professions - Sports Linesmen. (definitions from Wikipedia)

Consultant work permit (us visa) : A consultant (from the latin consultus meaning "legal expert") is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular domain or area of expertise such as accountancy, technology, the law, human resources, marketing, medicine, finance, public affairs, communication, or more esoteric areas of knowledge, for example engineering of different kinds, scientific specialties such as materials science, instrumentation, avionics, and stress analysis.

Manager work permit (us visa) : Definition: A Manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary. For many people, this is their first step into a management career.

Technician work permit (us visa) : A technician is generally someone in a technological field who has a relatively practical understanding of the general theoretical principles of that field, e.g., as compared to an engineer in that field. He is generally much more versed in technique compared to the average layperson, or even the professional in that field. A mid-level of understanding of theory, and a high-level of technique, is generally mastered by the technician in order to become expert in a specific tool domain. This may be part of a larger (production) process. Hence, an audio technician, while not as learned in acoustics as a physicist or an acoustical engineer, will generally know more than other studio personnel, including performers, and will be able to operate suitably designed sound equipment. Technicians may be classified as either skilled workers or semi-skilled workers.

Technologist work permit (us visa) : In many countries, Technologists are synonymous with applied scientists or engineers. Other countries have a clear distinction defined in law and only individuals who have graduated an accredited curriculum in technology, and have a significant amount of work experience in their field may become certified. A generic name for an engineer or scientist in a high-tech discipline.

Analyst work permit (us visa) : Analyst is a fairly broad term for a person or tool with a primary function of information analysis, generally with a more limited, practical and short term set of goals than a researcher. Analysts are generally categorized by what they analyse; Financial analyst Industry analyst Business analyst Systems analyst Psychoanalyst Color analyst

Developer work permit (us visa) : A developer can be one of : A software developer, one who programs computers or designs the system to match the requirements of a systems analyst. A real estate developer, one who builds on land or changes and enhances the use of an existing building for some new purpose or to better effect. Photographic developer is a chemical, often a mixture of metol and hydroquinone, which converts the latent silver halide image in the exposed photograph material into reduced, opaque, black silver metal.

Programmer work permit (us visa) : A programmer or software developer is someone who programs computers, i.e., one who writes computer software. The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computer programming or to the general mass of programmers working for a software company who implement the bulk of the code in large scale software, whether it be for a large mainframe or a personal computer. One who practices or professes a formal approach to programming may also be known as a software engineer, computer scientist, or software analyst.

Scientist work permit (us visa) : A scientist is an expert in at least one area of science who uses the scientific method to do research. William Whewell coined the word in 1833 at the request of the poet Coleridge. Before that scientists were termed "natural philosophers" or "men of science". Scientists are motivated by a desire to understand why the world is as we see it and how it came to be, often from childhood. They exhibit unrelenting curiosity about Nature. Prestige, reputation and recognition by their peers are often much more important to scientists than wealth. Science and technology have continually modified human existence, and the activity of scientists is today widely known.

Mechanic work permit (us visa) : A mechanic is a person who uses tools to fix things (generally machinery) or works to keep things operating properly. Many mechanics are specialised in a particular field such as auto mechanics, boiler mechanics, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and aircraft mechanics. Mechanics possess many skills in technical, electrical/electronic and other vocational areas. Being a good repair technician is more than just "fixing things". A good sound repair requires troubleshooting skills which at times requires the tech to teach themselves how a particuar system operates; often in a timely manner.

Advisor work permit (us visa) : A person or organization employed by an individual or mutual fund to manage assets or provide investment advice. also called financial advisor or investment advisor or investment counsel. sometimes spelled adviser.

Planner work permit (us visa) : An investment professional who helps individuals set and achieve their long-term financial goals, through investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning. The role of a financial planner is to find ways to increase the client's net worth and help the client accomplish all of his/her financial objectives.

Director work permit (us visa) : One that supervises, controls, or manages. A member of a group of persons chosen to control or govern the affairs of an institution or corporation. A person who supervises the creative aspects of a dramatic production or film and instructs the actors and crew. The conductor of an orchestra or chorus.

Medical Professions work permit (us visa) : The practice of medical care is shared between the medical profession (physicians or doctors) and other groups of professionals such as nurses and pharmacists, sometimes known as allied health professionals. Historically, only those conferred with a medical doctorate have been considered to practice medicine. Clinicians can be physicians, nurses or medical assistants. The medical profession is the social and occupational structure of the group of people formally trained and authorized to apply medical knowledge. Many countries and legal jurisdictions have legal limitations on who may practice medicine or the allied medical fields.

Linesemen : An ice hockey linesman, who is an on-ice match official.

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Other suggested types of jobs in United States (non-exhaustive list, alphabetical listing) :

Academic librarian
Accommodation manager
Accountant, chartered
Accountant, chartered certified
Accountant, chartered management
Accountant, chartered public finance
Accounting technician
Actuary, consultancy
Actuary, insurance company
Administrator, charities/voluntary organisations
Administrator, education
Administrator, European Commission
Administrator, international organisations
Administrator, local government
Administrator, voluntary organisations
Adult education lecturer/tutor
Adult education tutor
Adult guidance worker
Adult nurse (work permit)
Advertising account executive
Advertising account manager
Advertising account planner (work permit)
Advertising art director
Advertising copywriter
Advertising/editorial photographer
Advice worker (us visa for advisor)
Advice worker, consumer rights
Advice worker, debt/finance
Advice worker, employment
Advice worker, higher education
Advice worker, housing
Advisory teacher
Aeronautical engineer
Agricultural auctioneer
Agricultural consultant/adviser
Agricultural economist
Agricultural engineer
Agricultural surveyor
Agricultural valuer
Agriculture research scientist
Air broker (us work permit)
Air cabin crew
Air traffic controller, civil
Airline pilot
Alexander technique practitioner
Ambulance person
Analyst and/or programmer (software, us work permit)
Analytical chemist
Animal breeder
Animal laboratory technician
Animal nutritionist
Animal psychologist
Applications developer
Applications programmer
Archaeological conservator
Archaeological museum keeper
Architectural technician
Architectural technologist
Armed Forces officer, logistics/support/administrative
Armed Forces officer, operational
Armed Forces officer, technical
Armed Forces officer, training and education
Art gallery/museum conservator/restorer
Art therapist
Art/antiques dealer
Arts administrator
Arts agent/promoter
Assistant psychologist, clinical
Assistant, social work - see Social work assistant
Astronomer - Research scientist (physical sciences)
Auctioneer/valuer, fine arts
Auctioneer/valuer, property
Audiological scientist
Automotive engineer
Bank manager
Banker, commercial
Banker, investment (operations)
Banker, retail
Barrister's clerk
Barrister, private practice
Best boy -Broadcast engineer (operational)
Betting shop manager
Bilingual secretary
Bingo club manager
Biochemical engineer
Biochemist, clinical Clinical biochemist
Bioengineer Biomedical engineer
Biological field surveyor
Biomedical engineer
Biomedical scientist
Bonds trader Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
Brewer, technical
Brewing engineer
Brewing technologist
Broadcast assistant, radio
Broadcast engineer (operational)
Broadcast journalist
Broadcast presenter
Broadcasting director
Broadcasting runner/floor assistant
Broadcasting sound technician
Broadcasting/film/video editor
Building buyer
Building conservator
Building control officer
Building control surveyor
Building project manager
Building services engineer
Building surveyor
Buyer, industrial
Buyer, retail Retail buyer
Cabin crew Air cabin crew
Call centre manager
Camera technician, broadcasting/film/video - Television camera operator
Camera technician, television - Television camera assistant
Care home manager
Careers adviser, adults - Adult guidance worker
Careers adviser, higher education - Higher education careers adviser
Careers adviser/personal adviser (careers)
Careers consultant (us visas)
Careers information officer
Cash and carry manager
Casino manager
Catering manager
Cementing/stimulation engineer
Ceramics/pottery designer
Charities administrator - Charity officer
Charity fundraiser
Charity officer
Chartered accountant
Chartered certified accountant
Chartered loss adjuster - Loss adjuster, chartered
Chartered management accountant
Chartered public finance accountant
Chemical development engineer
Chemical process engineer - Process engineer
Child psychotherapist - Psychotherapist, child
Children's nurse - Paediatric nurse
Children's panels reporter - Reporter to children's panels
Children's resort representative
Chiropodist/podiatrist - Podiatrist/chiropodist
Cinema manager
Civil air traffic controller - Air traffic controller, civil
Civil engineer (consulting)
Civil engineer (contracting)
Civil engineering surveyor
Civil Service administrator - Civil Service fast streamer
Civil Service administrator, main stream
Civil Service fast streamer
Claims broker, insurance - Insurance claims broker
Claims inspector/assessor - Insurance claims inspector
Clapper loader - Television camera assistant
Classroom assistant - Teaching assistant
Clerical assistant
Clinical biochemist
Clinical cytogeneticist
Clinical data manager
Clinical microbiologist
Clinical molecular geneticist
Clinical psychologist
Clinical psychologist, assistant
Clinical research associate
Clinical scientist, tissue typing
Clothing/textile technologist
Colour technologist
Commercial art gallery manager
Commercial banker - Retail banker
Commercial solicitor - Solicitor, commercial
Commercial/industrial photographer
Commissioning editor
Commodity broker
Communications engineer
Community arts worker
Community development worker
Community education officer
Community home/school teacher
Community physician doctor - Doctor, community health
Community relations worker - Race relations worker
Community worker - Community development worker
Community/retail pharmacist
Company secretary
Compensation and benefits manager
Completion engineer
Computer manager - Information systems manager
Computer sales person, retail
Computer sales support person - IT sales professional
Computer systems manager - Information systems manager
Conference centre manager
Conference organiser - Event organiser
Conservation adviser, landscape/wildlife
Conservation officer, nature - Nature conservation officer
Conservation officer/historic buildings inspector - Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
Conservator, museum/gallery - Museum/gallery conservator
Construction buyer
Construction economist - Quantity surveyor
Construction estimator
Consulting engineer - Civil engineer (consulting)
Consumer products marketing executive - Marketing executive
Consumer psychologist
Consumer rights advice worker
Contract cleaning manager
Control and instrumentation engineer
Copy/sub-editor, publishing - Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
Corporate treasurer
Costume designer
Counselling psychologist
Countryside manager
Courier/tour guide - Tour manager
Credit analyst
Curator, museum/art gallery - Museum/art gallery curator
Customer service engineer
Customer services manager
Cytogeneticist - Clinical cytogeneticist
Dance movement therapist
Data processing manager - Information systems manager
Database administrator
Day care setting social worker - Social worker, day care setting
Dealer - Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
Debt/finance adviser
Dental hygienist
Designer, blown glass/stained glass - Glass blower/designer
Designer, ceramics/pottery - Ceramics/pottery designer
Designer, embroidery - Embroidery designer
Designer, exhibition/display - Exhibition/display designer
Designer, fashion clothing - Fashion clothing designer
Designer, furniture - Furniture designer
Designer, industrial/product - Industrial/product designer
Designer, interior/spacial - Interior/spatial designer
Designer, knitwear - Knitwear designer
Designer, metal/silversmith - Metalwork/silversmith designer
Designer, multimedia - Multimedia specialist
Designer, museum exhibition - Museum exhibition designer
Designer, tapestry - Tapestry designer
Designer, television/film set - Production designer, theatre/television/film
Designer, textile - Textile designer
Designer/maker jewellery - Jewellery designer
Detective police inspector - Police inspector, detective
Development worker, community - Community development worker
Diagnostic radiographer - Radiographer, diagnostic
Dietetic assistant
Diplomatic Service, operational entry - Diplomatic Service, operational entry (grade B3)
Diplomatic Service, operational entry (grade B3)
Director, broadcasting/film/video - Film director
Director, lighting - Lighting director
Director, theatre - Theatre director
Disc jockey
Dispensing optician
Distribution/logistics manager
District nurse
Doctor, community health
Doctor, general practice
Doctor, hospital
Documentary photographer
Domestic manager, hospital - Hospital hotel services manager
Drilling engineer
Drug registration officer - Regulatory affairs officer
Early years/nursery teacher
Economist, agricultural - Agricultural economist
Economist, construction - Quantity surveyor
Economist, financial - Financial economist
Economist, industry - Industry economist
Editor, commissioning - Commissioning editor
Editor, film/video - Film/video editor
Editor, magazine features - Magazine features editor
Editorial assistant
Education administrator
Education inspector
Education officer, environmental - Environmental education officer
Education setting social worker - Social worker, education setting
Education welfare officer - Social worker, education setting
Educational psychologist
Electrical engineer
Electronics engineer
Embroidery designer
Employee benefit consultant
Employee relations officer
Employment advice worker
Energy conservation officer
Engineer, aeronautical - Aeronautical engineer
Engineer, agricultural - Land-based engineer
Engineer, automotive - Automotive engineer
Engineer, biochemical - Biochemical engineer
Engineer, biomedical - Biomedical engineer
Engineer, brewing - Brewing engineer
Engineer, broadcasting (operations) - Broadcast engineer (operational)
Engineer, building services - Building services engineer
Engineer, cementing/stimulation - Cementing/stimulation engineer
Engineer, chemical - Chemical development engineer
Engineer, civil (consulting) - Civil engineer (consulting)
Engineer, civil (contracting) - Civil engineer (contracting)
Engineer, communications - Communications engineer
Engineer, completion - Completion engineer
Engineer, construction (subsea) - Subsea engineer
Engineer, control and instrumentation - Control and instrumentation engineer
Engineer, drilling - Drilling engineer
Engineer, environmental - Environmental engineer
Engineer, geotechnical - Geotechnical engineer
Engineer, land-based - Land-based engineer
Engineer, maintenance - Maintenance engineer
Engineer, maintenance (IT) - Technical support officer (IT)
Engineer, manufacturing - Manufacturing engineer
Engineer, manufacturing systems - Manufacturing systems engineer
Engineer, materials - Materials engineer
Engineer, mining - Mining engineer
Engineer, MWD - MWD engineer
Engineer, petroleum - Petroleum engineer
Engineer, planning/planner - Planning engineer
Engineer, process - Process engineer
Engineer, production - Manufacturing engineer
Engineer, reservoir - Reservoir engineer
Engineer, site - Site engineer
Engineer, structural - Structural engineer
Engineer, technical sales - Technical sales engineer
Engineer, water - Water engineer
Engineering geologist
English as a foreign language teacher
English as a second language teacher
English for specific purposes teacher
Environmental auditor
Environmental consultant
Environmental education officer
Environmental engineer
Environmental health officer
Environmental manager
Environmental psychologist
Equal opportunities officer
Equities trader - Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
Estate agency sales negotiator
Estate manager/land agent
Estimator, construction - Construction estimator
European Commission administrator
Event organiser
Exhibition organiser - Event organiser
Exhibition/display designer
Exhibitions officer, museum/gallery - Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
Exploration geophycisist/geologist, - Geoscientist
Facilities manager
Factory inspector - Inspector of health and safety
Farm manager
Farm/agricultural secretary - Secretary/administrator
Fashion clothing designer
Fashion illustrator
Fashion journalist
Fashion photographer
Fashion predictor
Fashion stylist
Fast food restaurant manager
Field seismologist - Geophysicist (field seismologist)
Field studies centre tutor - Environmental education officer
Field trials officer
Film director
Film set designer - Production designer, theatre/television/film
Film sound technician - Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
Film/TV/multimedia graphic designer - Multimedia specialist
Film/video editor
Film/video production manager
Film/video runner - Runner, broadcasting/film/video
Financial adviser
Financial controller - Chartered management accountant
Financial economist
Financial manager
Financial planner - Chartered management accountant
Fine art photographer
Fine art photographer - Fine art photographer
Fine arts auctioneer/valuer - Auctioneer/valuer, fine arts
Fish farm manager
Fisheries officer
Fisheries research scientist
Fitness centre manager
Floor manager (television)
Focus puller - Television camera assistant
Food technologist
Forensic psychologist (prison and probation services)
Forensic scientist
Forest manager/forester
Freight forwarder
Fund-holding practice manager
Furniture conservator/restorer
Furniture designer
Further education administrator - Education administrator
Further education lecturer
Futures trader - Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
Gaffer - Broadcast engineer (operational)
Gallery/museum exhibitions officer - Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
Garden centre manager
Garment/textile technologist - Clothing/textile technologist
GCHQ fast streamer
General practice doctor - Doctor, general practice
Geneticist, molecular - Clinical molecular geneticist
Geographical information systems manager
Geological mapper
Geologist, engineering - Engineering geologist
Geologist, mine - Mine geologist
Geologist, wellsite - Wellsite geologist
Geophysical data processor
Geophysicist - Geoscientist
Geophysicist (field seismologist)
Geotechnical engineer
Glass blower/designer
Government economist - Economist
Government research officer
Graphic designer
Grip - Television camera assistant
Health and safety adviser
Health and safety inspector - Inspector of health and safety
Health care setting social worker - Social worker, health care setting
Health education promotion specialist - Health promotion specialist
Health education/promotion officer - Health promotion specialist
Health physicist - Radiation protection practitioner
Health promotion specialist
Health psychologist
Health Service manager
Health visitor
Heritage manager
Heritage officer/interpreter
Higher education administrator - Education administrator
Higher education advice worker
Higher education careers adviser
Higher education lecturer
Highways/traffic engineer - Traffic/highways engineer
Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
Historical photographer - Fine art photographer
Historical researcher
Holiday representative
Homelessness officer
Horticultural consultant
Horticultural therapist
Horticulturist, amenity
Horticulturist, commercial
Hospital doctor - Doctor, hospital
Hospital hotel services manager
Hospital pharmacist
Hostel warden
Hotel manager
Hotel restaurant manager
Hotel services manager, hospital - Hospital hotel services manager
Housing adviser
Housing manager/officer
Human resources officer - Personnel officer
Hydrographic surveyor
Illustrator, fashion - Fashion illustrator
Illustrator, medical - Medical illustrator
Immigration officer, passport control
Independent financial adviser - Financial adviser
Industrial buyer
Industrial microbiologist
Industrial R & D scientist - Scientist, industrial research
Industrial relations officer - Employee relations officer
Industrial/product designer
Industry economist
Information assistant - Library/information assistant
Information officer/manager
Information scientist
Information systems manager
Revenue tax inspector - Tax inspector
Inscape designer - Interior/spatial designer
Inspector of health and safety
Inspector, education - Education inspector
Insurance account manager
Insurance broker
Insurance claims broker
Insurance claims inspector
Insurance company actuary - Actuary, insurance company
Insurance placing broker
Insurance risk surveyor
Insurance sales consultant - Insurance account manager
Insurance underwriter
Interior/spatial designer
International organisations administrator
Investment analyst
Investment banker (corporate finance)
Investment banker (operations)
Investment fund manager
IT consultant
IT sales professional
IT support officer - Technical support officer (IT)
IT trainer
Jewellery designer
Jewellery maker - Jewellery designer
Journalist, broadcasting - Broadcast journalist
Journalist, fashion - Fashion journalist
Journalist, magazine - Magazine journalist
Journalist, newspaper - Newspaper journalist
Journalist, scientific - Scientific journalist
Journalist, television - Broadcast journalist
Journalsit, radio - Broadcast journalist
Knitwear designer
Land agent/estate manager - Estate manager/land agent
Land and property auctioneer - Auctioneer/valuer, property
Land surveyor - Land/geomatics surveyor
Land-based engineer
Land/geomatics surveyor
Landfill engineer
Landscape architect/designer
Landscape contractor - Landscape gardener
Landscape gardener
Landscape manager
Landscape scientist
Landscape/wildlife conservation adviser - Conservation adviser, landscape/wildlife
Lawyer - Solicitor, commercial
Lawyer - Barrister
Lawyer - Solicitor, non-commercial
Learning disability nurse
Learning mentor
Lecturer, further education - Further education lecturer
Lecturer, higher education - Higher education lecturer
Lecturer/tutor, adult education - Adult education lecturer/tutor
Legal executive
Legal secretary - Secretary/administrator
Leisure centre manager - Fitness centre manager
Leisure/social club manager
Librarian, academic - Academic librarian
Librarian, public - Public librarian
Library/information assistant
Licensed conveyancer
Licensed trade retail area manager - Retail area manager, licensed trade
Lifestyle consultant
Lighting director
Lighting technician, broadcasting/film/video
Literary agent
Lobbyist - Public affairs consultant (lobbyist)
Local government administrator
Location manager
Logistics/support/administrative Armed Forces officer - Armed Forces officer, logistics/support/administrative
Loss adjuster, chartered
Lower primary school teacher - Primary school teacher
Magazine features editor
Magazine journalist
Mainstream grade 9 Diplomatic Service officer - Diplomatic Service, operational entry (grade B3)
Maintenance engineer
Maintenance engineer (IT) - Technical support officer (IT)
Make-up artist
Management consultant
Management trainee, GCHQ - GCHQ fast streamer
Manager, garden centre - Garden centre manager
Manager, Health service - Health Service manager
Manager, hotel restaurant - Hotel restaurant manager
Manager, wholesale - Cash and carry manager
Manufacturing engineer
Manufacturing systems engineer
Marine scientist
Marine surveyor - Hydrographic surveyor
Market research executive - Market researcher (qualitative/quantitative)
Market research interviewer
Market research statistician/analyst - Market researcher (qualitative/quantitative)
Market researcher (qualitative/quantitative)
Marketing executive
Marketing executive, consumer products - Marketing executive
Materials engineer
Mechanical engineer
Media analyst
Media buyer
Media planner
Medical illustrator
Medical laboratory scientific officer - Biomedical scientist (MLSO)
Medical laboratory scientist - Biomedical scientist (MLSO)
Medical photographer - Medical illustrator
Medical physicist
Medical physics technician
Medical sales executive - Medical sales representative
Medical sales representative
Medical secretary - Secretary/administrator
Medical technical officer
Mental health nurse
Mental health setting social worker - Social worker, mental health setting
Merchandiser, retail - Retail merchandiser
Merchandiser, visual - Visual merchandiser
Merchant navy officer
Metalwork/silversmith designer
Metalwork/silversmith/jewellery designer - Jewellery designer
Microbiologist, clinical - Clinical microbiologist
Microbiologist, industrial - Industrial microbiologist
Middle school teacher - Primary school teacher
Mine geologist
Minerals surveyor
Mining engineer
MoD police officer
Molecular geneticist, clinical - Clinical molecular geneticist
Movement therapist - Dance movement therapist
Multimedia graphic designer - Multimedia specialist
Multimedia programmer
Multimedia specialist
Museum education officer
Museum exhibition designer
Museum/art gallery curator
Museum/gallery conservator
Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
Music teacher, private/peripatetic
Music therapist
Music tutor - Music teacher, private/peripatetic
MWD engineer
Nature conservation officer
Nature warden/ranger - Nature conservation officer
Naval architect
Network engineer
Newspaper journalist
Non-commercial solicitor - Solicitor, non-commercial
Nurse, adult - Adult nurse
Nurse, children's - Paediatric nurse
Nurse, district - District nurse
Nurse, learning disablility - Learning disability nurse
Nurse, mental handicap - Learning disability nurse
Nurse, mental health - Mental health nurse
Nurse, occupational health - Occupational health nurse
Nurse, paediatric - Paediatric nurse
Nurse, practice - Practice nurse
Nurse, school - School nurse
Nurse, specialist practitioner - Specialist nurse
Nurse, veterinary - Veterinary nurse
Nursery nurse
Nutritional therapist
Occcupational guidance consultant - Careers consultant
Occupational health nurse
Occupational hygienist
Occupational psychologist
Occupational therapist
Occupational therapy assistant
Office manager
Oncologist - Doctor, hospital
Operational Armed Forces officer - Armed Forces officer, operational
Operational researcher
Operations geologist - Wellsite geologist
Optician, dispensing - Dispensing optician
Outdoor pursuits manager
Packaging technologist
Paediatric nurse
Parliamentary research assistant
Passport control immigration officer - Immigration officer, passport control
Patent agent - Patent attorney
Patent attorney
Patent examiner
Pathologist - Doctor, hospital
Pattern cutter/grader
Pension fund manager - Pension scheme manager
Pension scheme manager
Pensions administrator
Pensions adviser
Pensions broker - Pensions administrator
Pensions consultant - Pensions administrator
Peripatetic music teacher - Music teacher, private/peripatetic
Personal adviser
Personal assistant
Personnel officer
Petroleum engineer
Pharmacist, community - Community/retail pharmacist
Pharmacist, hospital - Hospital pharmacist
Pharmacist, retail - Community/retail pharmacist
Photographer, commercial - Commercial/industrial photographer
Photographer, documentary - Documentary photographer
Photographer, fashion - Fashion photographer
Photographer, fine art and historical - Fine art photographer
Photographer, medical - Medical illustrator
Photographer, press - Press photographer
Photographer, sport - Sport photographer
Photographic stylist
Physicist, medical - Medical physicist
Physiological measurement technician
Physiotherapy assistant
Phytotherapist - Herbalist
Picture editor/researcher - Picture researcher/editor
Picture researcher/editor
Placing broker, insurance - Insurance placing broker
Planning administrator
Planning and development surveyor
Planning enforcement officer
Planning engineer
Planning engineer - Planning engineer
Planning technician
Plant breeder/geneticist
Plant/works manager
Police inspector, detective
Police officer
Police officer, transport - Transport police officer
Political party agent
Political party research officer
Political research assistant
Pool attendant
Port manager
Practice nurse
Pre-school/nursery teacher - Early years/nursery teacher
Presenter, broadcasting - Broadcast presenter
Press officer
Press photographer
Press sub-editor
Primary school teacher
Print manager - Production planner, printing
Prison governor
Prison officer
Prison psychologist - Forensic psychologist (prison and probation services)
Prisons instructor/tutor
Private practice
Private practice
Probation hostel manager
Probation officer
Process development scientist - Scientist, process development
Process engineer
Producer, television/film/video - Television/film/video producer
Product designer - Industrial/product designer
Product registration officer - Regulatory affairs officer
Production assistant (TV) - Television production assistant
Production assistant, radio - Broadcast assistant, radio
Production designer, theatre/television/film
Production engineer - Manufacturing engineer
Production manager
Production manager, broadcasting/film/video - Film/video production manager
Production planner, printing
Production supervisor
Productuct development scientist - Scientist, product development
Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video
Programmer, applications - Applications developer
Programmer, multimedia - Multimedia programmer
Programmer, systems - Systems developer
Project manager, building - Building project manager
Property auctioneer/valuer - Auctioneer/valuer, property
Props manager
Psychiatric nurse - Mental health nurse
Psychiatrist - Doctor, hospital
Psychologist assistant, clinical - Clinical psychologist, assistant
Psychologist, animal - Animal psychologist
Psychologist, clinical - Clinical psychologist
Psychologist, consumer - Consumer psychologist
Psychologist, counselling - Counselling psychologist
Psychologist, educational - Educational psychologist
Psychologist, environmental - Environmental psychologist
Psychologist, forensic - Forensic psychologist (prison and probation services)
Psychologist, health - Health psychologist
Psychologist, occupational - Occupational psychologist
Psychologist, prison and probation services - Forensic psychologist (prison and probation services)
Psychologist, sports - Sports psychologist
Psychotherapist, child
Public affairs consultant (lobbyist)
Public affairs consultant (research)
Public analyst (usa visa)
Public house district manager - Retail area manager, licensed trade
Public house manager
Public librarian
Public relations account executive
Public relations officer
Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
Purchasing manager - Industrial buyer
Quality assurance manager
Quantity surveyor
Quarry manager
R & D (medical) scientist - Research scientist (medical)
R & D (physical science) scientist - Research scientist (physical sciences)
Race relations worker
Radiation protection practitioner
Radio broadcast assistant - Broadcast assistant, radio
Radio journalist - Broadcast journalist
Radio producer
Radio sound technician - Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
Radio studio manager
Radiographer, diagnostic
Radiographer, therapeutic
Rail operations manager
Ranger/warden - Nature conservation officer
Records manager
Recreation assistant
Recruitment and selection manager
Recruitment consultant
Recycling officer
Regulatory affairs officer
Remote sensing scientist
Reporter to children's panels
Research (life science) scientist - Research scientist (life science)
Research assistant, parliamentary - Parliamentary research assistant
Research officer, government - Government research officer
Research officer, political party - Political party research officer
Research officer, trade union - Trade union research officer
Research psychologist
Research scientist (life science, us work permit)
Research scientist (maths, us work permit)
Research scientist (medical, us work permit)
Research scientist (physical sciences, us work permit)
Research scientist, agriculture - Agriculture research scientist
Researcher, programme - Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video
Reservoir engineer
Residential home manager - Care home manager
Residential setting social worker - Social worker, residential setting
Restaurant chain area manager
Restaurant manager
Restorer/conservator, museum/gallery - Museum/gallery conservator
Retail area manager, licensed trade
Retail banker
Retail buyer
Retail computer sales person - Computer sales person, retail
Retail manager
Retail merchandiser
Retail pharmacist - Community/retail pharmacist
Retail sales assistant
Retailer, wines and spirits
Rights manager (publishing)
Risk analyst
Runner, broadcasting/film/video
Rural practice surveyor
Sales executive
Sales executive, medical - Medical sales representative
Sales manager
Sales promotion account executive
Sales support executive
Sawmill manager
School nurse
Scientific journalist
Scientific laboratory technician
Scientist research (maths) - Research scientist (maths)
Scientist, industrial research
Scientist, marine - Marine scientist
Scientist, process development
Scientist, product development
Scientist, research (life sciences) - Research scientist (life science)
Scientist, research (medical) - Research scientist (medical)
Scientist, research (physical sciences) - Research scientist (physical sciences)
Secondary school teacher
Secretary - Secretary/administrator
Secretary, bilingual - Bilingual secretary
Securities sales person - Stockbroker
Security management officer
Seismic interpreter
Services marketing manager/assistant - Marketing executive
Ship broker - Freight forwarder
Silversmith - Metalwork/silversmith designer
Site agent/manager
Site engineer
Social and wedding photographer
Social researcher
Social work assistant
Social worker
Social worker, day care setting
Social worker, education setting
Social worker, health care setting
Social worker, mental health setting
Social worker, residential setting
Software engineer
Software trainer - IT trainer
Soil scientist
Solicitor, commercial
Solicitor, non-commercial
Solicitor, private practice
Solicitor, Scotland
Sound manager, theatre - Theatre sound manager
Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
Special educational needs teacher
Special effects artist - Make-up artist
Special needs teaching assistant
Specialist nurse
Specialist translator, law
Specialist translator, literary
Speech and language therapist
Speech and language therapy assistant
Sport photographer
Sports administrator
Sports coach/instructor
Sports development officer
Sports psychologist
Sports therapist
Stage manager, theatre - Theatre stage manager
Stained glass designer - Glass blower/designer
Structural engineer
Studio manager, radio - Radio studio manager
Sub-editor publishing - Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
Sub-editor, press - Press sub-editor
Subsea engineer
Surgeon - Doctor, hospital
Surveyor, agricultural - Agricultural surveyor
Surveyor, building - Building surveyor
Surveyor, hydrographic - Hydrographic surveyor
Surveyor, insurance - Insurance risk surveyor
Surveyor, land/geomatics - Land/geomatics surveyor
Surveyor, marine - Hydrographic surveyor
Surveyor, minerals - Minerals surveyor
Surveyor, mining - Minerals surveyor
Surveyor, planning and development - Planning and development surveyor
Surveyor, quantity - Quantity surveyor
Surveyor, rural practice - Rural practice surveyor
Surveyor, urban general practice - Urban general practice surveyor
Systems analyst - Systems/business analyst
Systems designer
Systems developer
Systems programmer - Systems developer
Systems support person - IT sales professional
Systems/business analyst
Jobs in bold have fuller descriptions
Tapestry designer
Tax adviser
Tax inspector
Teacher, community home/school - Community home/school teacher
Teacher, early years/nursery - Early years/nursery teacher
Teacher, English as a foreign language - English as a foreign language teacher
Teacher, English as a second language - English as a second language teacher
Teacher, English for special purposes - English for specific purposes teacher
Teacher, pre-school/nursery - Early years/nursery teacher
Teacher, primary school - Primary school teacher
Teacher, prison - Prisons instructor/tutor
Teacher, secondary school - Secondary school teacher
Teacher, special educational needs - Special educational needs teacher
Teaching assistant
Teaching laboratory technician
Technical Armed forces officer - Armed Forces officer, technical
Technical author
Technical brewer
Technical sales engineer
Technical support officer (IT)
Technician, animal laboratory - Animal laboratory technician
Technician, medical physics - Medical physics technician
Technician, physiological measurement - Physiological measurement technician
Technician, scientific laboratory - Scientific laboratory technician
Technician, teaching laboratory - Teaching laboratory technician
Technologist, clothing and textile - Clothing/textile technologist
Technologist, colour - Colour technologist
Technologist, food - Food technologist
Technologist, metals - Metallurgist
Technologist, packaging - Packaging technologist
Television camera assistant
Television camera operator
Television floor manager - Floor manager (television)
Television journalist - Broadcast journalist
Television production assistant
Television sound technician - Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
Television/film/video producer
Textile designer
Textile/garment technologist - Clothing/textile technologist
Theatre director
Theatre lighting director
Theatre manager
Theatre producer
Theatre set designer - Production designer, theatre/television/film
Theatre sound manager
Theatre stage manager
Theme park manager
Therapeutic radiographer - Radiographer, therapeutic
Timber merchant
Tour guide/courier - Tour manager
Tour manager
Tourism consultant
Tourism officer
Tourist guide
Tourist information centre manager
Town planner
Trade mark attorney
Trade union research officer
Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
Trading standards officer
Traffic/highways engineer
Training and development officer/manager
Training and education Armed Forces officer - Armed Forces officer, training and education
Training officer - Training and development officer/manager
Transport manager, passenger services
Transport police officer
Transport/highways engineer - Traffic/highways engineer
Transportation planner
Travel agency clerk/travel consultant
Travel agency manager
Travel consultant - Travel agency clerk/travel consultant
Tree surgeon - Arboriculturist
Tutor, adult education - Adult education lecturer/tutor
Typing tissue clinical scientist - Clinical scientist, tissue typing
Jobs in bold have fuller descriptions
Upper primary school teacher - Primary school teacher
Urban general practice surveyor
Valuer/auctioneer fine arts - Auctioneer/valuer, fine arts
Valuer/auctioneer, property - Auctioneer/valuer, property
Verbatim reporter
Veterinary nurse
Veterinary surgeon
Video/film editor - Film/video editor
Vision mixer
Visual merchandiser
Voluntary organisations administrator - Charity officer
Volunteer work organiser
Warden, youth hostel - Youth hostel manager
Warden/ranger - Nature conservation officer
Wardrobe manager
Warehouse manager
Waste disposal officer - Waste management officer
Waste management officer
Water conservation officer
Water engineer
Water operations manager
Water quality inspector - Water quality scientist
Water quality scientist
Water quality technician - Water quality scientist
Web designer
Wedding and social photographer - Social and wedding photographer
Welfare rights adviser
Welfare rights worker - Welfare rights adviser
Wellsite geologist
Wholesale manager - Cash and carry manager
Wildlife/landscape conservation adviser - Conservation adviser, landscape/wildlife
Window dresser - Visual merchandiser
Wines and spirits retailer - Retailer, wines and spirits
Works manager - Plant/works manager
Youth hostel manager
Youth worker

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