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Global Transit Immigration Consulting Services for Canadian workers, business owners, entrepreneurs and multinational corporations moving or expanding their operations into the United States. Personnel transfer, work permits, spouses and immediate family immigration.

Canadian individual athletes, athletic teams and entertainment groups can apply for the P1 Visa if they are internationally recognized and if they are coming to the US to participate in events. For example, circus artists or professional hockey players must have a P1 Visa. Accompanying essential support personnel can also apply for this US visa.

P1 Investor Visa Maximum Period : Holders may be allowed to stay in the US (United States) for up to five years with extensions not to exceed a total stay of ten years. We invite you to contact us by visiting our website : US Immigration Consultant. Global Transit is based in Canada. Free toll number 1-800.

Other US Visas that we specialize in : E2, EB-5, B1, H1B, H2B, TN, L1, E2, O1, EB, visa waiver, Family Petition. Global Transit is a company based in Canada.