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Global Transit Immigration Consulting Services for canadian workers, business owners, entrepreneurs and multinational corporations moving or expanding their operations into the United States. Personnel transfer, work permits, spouses and immediate family immigration.

The H2B Visa is used by US employers to obtain the services of foreign nationals to fill temporary needs for additional workers. Either skilled and unskilled Canadians can apply for a H2B Visa. The only specifically excluded workers are the medical graduates seeking to perform work in medical fields and the agricultural workers. Please note : The H2B visa is often used by entertainers and athletes who do not meet the requirements of the O1 visa and P1 visa.

H2B Visa Maximum Period : 1 year (depending on the employer's temporary need for additional workers). The visa may be extended for a total of three years. But extension applications are closely scrutinized. The Department of Labor considers 4 situations : recurring seasonal need, intermittent need, peak-load need, and need based on a one-time occurrence.

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