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Judy Ann, NB


Just want to thank you for all the good work you did and I will sure tell people of you and your company if anyone needs an immigration lawyers. You people were awesome.



Glen, Ontario



I really appreciate your help and truly impressed with all the professionalism and meaningful information regarding my visa process. I want to take this opportunity to thank all visaXpert staff who helped me directly or indirectly.

It was my pleasure working with you all. Thanks again.




Tyler, SC


Thank you very much for all of your help yesterday, and preceding yesterday. Everything, as I am sure your representative told you, went smoothly at the border and I am, for another year, all set!!!

I appreciate it very much.




Steeve, New-York


Thanks for the infos and all the work you all did for me.  It was really nice dealing with you and mostly, meeting you all. You kept me focus and guide me very well. I can't believe we managed to put everything together in such a short time. I would of been so confuse and anxious about the whole process on my own. While I was driving to the border after meeting with the team, I felt really confident and well prepared. Thankyou for all your work and kindness. I am at work now in New York City and it is really enjoyable to be here. Please, pass along to the whole team.




Mary Rachelle, New-York

  visaXpert team,

Thank you so much for your support and effort in coordinating my move to New York and facilitating my work visa approval last week.

Your expertise was greatly appreciated, and it was comforting to have such knowledgeable people in my corner.

Take Care!

Spence, Wisconsin

  That is terrific news!

Ann & I wanted to offer our sincerest thanks for everything that all of you have done for us. There have been no shortage of challenges in the last few years but we are both extremely grateful to all of you!

As I mentioned on our last call, I will be sure to get invitations to all of you to our Canadian ceremony and hopefully a few of you can attend.

Again, thank you all so much!!!

Satish, Milton, Ontario


Thanks for all the help extended to me, to make the VISA process successful. I really appreciate professionalism exhibited by your team and to resolve delicate issues associated with TN Visa process that too after two denials. I will be in touch.



Barb & Dan, Mississauga, Ontario


We just wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you and your team did in helping our son, Michael, to obtain his TN visa. I admit that having been denied twice, we were very skeptical that another attempt would be successful.  We are grateful that you took the time to investigate alternate solutions, found one that allowed Michael to qualify, and convinced us that this was the best option available.  Your legal department did an excellent job of preparing the application package. We appreciated your unfailing support and reassurances along the way.  Thank you for meeting with us, for your patience in answering all of our questions and concerns, and for providing us with an accompanying lawyer who made us feel less apprehensive and more confident during our meeting with the immigration officer.  We believe that our uncomplicated experience at the border was due to your careful preparation for this event.  We have already shared with others that should they know anyone looking to obtain a visa, they should contact visaXpert.  Please feel free to use us as a reference for future clients.

Although we do not look forward to going through another visa application process, we do feel better knowing you will be there to work with us again.  Once more, thanks for everything.



  Gerard, Vancouver

This is the first opportunity that I have had to contact you all since I arrived in Spokane, WA. I am at work today mainly because of the work that your firm did on my behalf.  For me and my spouse, we cannot thank you enough. When we attempted to cross into the U.S. via Vancouver, it was nothing short of a nightmare. When we were getting ready to cross via through a port of entry in Quebec we were very nervous because of what had happened in Vancouver.  The sense of relief when we crossed into Vermont was amazing. Thank You VERY VERY much for your assistance on this matter!!!!

I know you heard it before, but you ultimately are the one responsible for getting us to Spokane. I came across your company's name totally by accident when reading my emails one day.  Because of what happened and how you were able to rectify the situation, I think that others who find themselves in my position will benefit greatly from your company's assistance. Like I had said, you relieved us of a very stressful situation not to mention financial situation.  I have found a house for us to live in as of today.

Thanks again.


  Julia, Montreal

To the visaXpert Team,
Thanks again for your help. It is such a relief to have the visa and I am so glad I used visaXpert's services. I actually have a good friend who is an immigration lawyer in the U.S. and he is looking for a Canadian company to which he could refer business. I will tell him to contact visaXpert to discuss this type of opportunity.


  Jessica, Vancouver
  After one previous denial I was devastated and had no hope that I would ever get my TN and be able to return to the States.  That all changed after I discovered visaXpert and spoke to one of their consultant.  From the very beginning he was so positive and he was the first one to make me believe that I had a real chance at obtaining a TN Visa.  If he tells you that they will get you the visa, believe him!!! All the staff were very friendly and was always willing to answer any and all questions and to listen to my concerns.  I didn't believe it could happen but all the hardworking people at visaXpert put together a package that successfully got me my TN status. Thanks to visaXpert I'm back together with my fiance and we are able to start our lives together in the States!   

  Fairy, California
  Hello, just a quick note to thank you and your team again for a job well done. I am now safe and sound in Cali and will begin work tomorrow. I wasted no time and submitted an application for Social Security Number today (should arrive in 3-4 weeks).Please pass along my thanks to your team members, including the attorney who was a delight to work with. I will be sure to bug you again for future services.

  EZ, Toronto, ON
  I don't care to comment about the reputable and recognize US attorney and his ethics re not refunding the poster's unused initial consultation fee. Instead, I am happy to say that I just received my TN easily with the help of visaXpert despite being a complicated situation. They were very fair and ethical with me. Their initial consultation was free and response was immediate and very helpful. They also charged my employer much less than Mr. X wanted. Perhaps Mr. X cannot meet demand and that makes him intolerant and new players are emerging to fill the gap. Market forces always prevail. Thanks again.

  Andrée P., Miami, Florida
  We have received Robert and Catherine’s GREEN CARDS. Thank you for your good work. Be assured that I will continue to promote your excellent services. I am sending you a copy of the document that indicates the Green Card numbers by fax. Thank you again and have a great day!

  Bill C., Toronto, ON
  Once again, visaxpert has successfully assisted us on obtaining our new work visas. The count is now seven out of seven! Seven applications and seven approvals! The two unsuccessful previous attempts led to an incredible amount of grief and stress, not to mention a considerable expense. Since contacting visaxpert it has been smooth sailing ever since.

  Alma M,  Calgary, AB
  I just want to once again express my gratitude for processing my husband's immigration papers. My husband and I were finally re-united after almost 2 years of separation due to immigration procedures.

  Doug G., Toronto, ON
  I was more than impressed with your professionalism and ability to go above and beyond. Again, my thanks to you and your organization for your flawless effort.

  Michael P., Vancouver, BC
  Right from the outset visaXpert's team handled all of my calls and inquiries expeditiously, professionally and with a level of enthusiasm that lifted my spirits during a very unsettling time. In a span of five days, your staff turned a bleak immigration situation into a process I will eagerly continue to pursue. The staff provided me with un-parallel levels of client service and direction. They helped guide me though the process. You are all truly leaders in the industry and I am forever indebted because of your hard work and diligence.

  Camille C., Toronto, ON
  I was so stressed out and worried and I know it was God that led me to your number. I was thinking A 1-800 number??? They can't be serious. My skeptical mother was especially impressed with how professional and positive you all were about my situation after being turned away so many times. Thank you for always being available for me to answer my questions and relieve my fears. Thank you for visaXpert, because without you a lot more Canadians would still be trying to struggle through the Red Tape of US immigration.

  William C., Hull, QC 
  You people at visaXpert, are the only ones I have dealt with that totally understand that you are dealing with people's lives. You understand what it is like to appear at a border, your new life ahead of you. You, my friend, were instrumental at the border in making my attempt fast and easy.
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