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visaXpert understands the difficulties faced by foreign nationals when attempting to enter the United States. NAFTA and INA allow people from all around the world to enter the United States as long as they meet the conditions. However, there are many variables involved in order to make the transfers and border crossings seamless.
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visaXpert is well versed in all aspects of these intricacies. U.S. Immigration Laws are always changing, which is why we keep up with the alterations.

Our straightforward approach will help you make decisions that will resolve your particular legal need in a manner that is effective and affordable. We combine an expertise and personalized approach to our client's satisfaction. We provide specialized detailed attention to each client and provide prompt and efficient services.

When dealing with a legal problem many people feel like they are walking through a maze and they are overwhelmed by unfamiliar terminology, deadlines and requirements of handling their own case. We work with you to put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can achieve the desired results.


  We offer :
    Customized Immigration Solutions :

For our clients who have unusual issues, we provide creative, customized and innovative immigration solutions that help make moves to new jobs and cities smooth and predictable. We also understand the unique immigration issues surrounding cross-border marriages, and provide expertise to those family based clients.

    Flat Fees :

Our immigration fees are on a pre-arranged flat fee basis. This allows our clients to accurately budget their expenses with no unexpected costs.

    Money Back Guarantee :

WE OFFER YOU SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE DOES. YES, at visaXpert we are so confident that we will fulfill our mandate, that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. (Ask for details from to one of our representatives).

  USA Visas that we specialize in :
    B-1 Business Visitors USA Visa :
  Admission to attend conferences and meetings, negotiate contracts, to perform work under a service contract and in some cases, short-term training programs. This visa cannot be used to work or be paid as an employee by a United States entity.
    H-1B Professional Worker USA Visa :
  Admission for individuals with a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, with a professional job offer by a U.S. employer.
    H-2B Skilled or Unskilled Workers USA Visa :
  Admission for a group of individuals who are required to meet temporary peak loads or seasonal positions for which qualified U.S. workers are not available.
    TN Professional Worker USA Visa :
  Admission for Canadian and Mexican citizens seeking to work in the U.S. in one of the professions designated under NAFTA (North American Free Trade).
  More details TN visa
    L-1A & L-1B Intra Company Transferee USA Visa :
  Admission for executives, managers or employees with specialized knowledge transferring from the foreign employer to its U.S. branch office, parent, affiliate or subsidiary. Transferees must have worked for the foreign company for at least one full year of the prior three years. This visa is available to owners and employees of multinational corporations as well as small, growing businesses.
  More details L1 Visa
    E-2/EB-5 Investors USA Visa :
  Admission for Foreign Nationals of certain countries who will be investing to purchase a controlling interest in an existing U.S. business or in establishing a new business venture.
  More details E2 Visa & EB-5 Visa
    EB Permanent Residency (Green Card):
  For skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers. They must have a job offer and the employer must complete the labor certification process certifying that no qualified U.S. workers are available.
    Family Petition - Permanent Residency (Green Card):
  For Immediate Relatives (Spouses, Children under 21 and Parents) and for Fiancées/Fiancés.
  More details Spousal Sponsorship
    Waivers for Criminality and Inadmissibility USA Visa :
  If you have a criminal record or a past illegal situation to clarify with U.S. Immigration.
Our clients include :

Multinational corporations transferring personnel to the U.S.
Business owners and entrepreneurs expanding operations into the United States.
Individuals seeking U.S. work permits.
Spouses and immediate family members immigrating to the U.S..
Foreign nationals denied entry at U.S. borders (POE: Port of Entry).

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