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USA Visas E2
Easy Process
US Immigation Process

US Immigration Qualification

A qualified immigration consultant will gather your specific information and ask you questions that will help find the proper route in the ever evolving world or immigration.

Your ally, the consultant, will discuss your case with a supervisor at the Legal Department who will assign your case to one of our specialist that is familiar with your type of situation.

Your consultant will get back to you with answers or questions concerning your specific case.

Your consultant will be able to make a sound decision about your situation with the proper advice from the Legal Department.


US Immigration Contract

Once our Legal Department has determined that you qualify for a visa, your consultant will obtain an authorization number for you as well as the best type of visa that will suit your needs.

Your consultant will discuss with you the contractual agreement and what we can offer you.

We offer:

We offer Money Back Guarantee, please inform yourself with your consultant.

It’s now time for you to make the decision to partner with the best service company you dealt with in a long time!

Many satisfied customers can attest to that.


Once you enter into an agreement with visaXpert:

A list of required documents will be sent to you by your file administrator.

A supervisor will discuss the best options for you case according to your reality.

Final decision will be taken on the direction of your file. Then your file while be processed according to the deadline.

Before your file is presented to the proper immigration authority, it will be carefully reviewed in order to ensure all information is accurate.

Remember we are your allies and for us the only option is success. We take pride in all our client’s success.





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